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Our Approach

At Destination, we are passionate about setting the standard as the premium provider of Incentive, Travel and Conference Services in Australasia. Through innovation, detail and accountability, we inspire and reward people to exceed expectations. Our success is our reputation. Our reputation comes from our people and clients.

Consistent with our mission we adopt a design-centric, systems, and reputation driven approach to our business. The power of our reputation drives what we do. Our people and our client’s are the ultimate test for doing the right things well.

Our informal research confirms that DGC has one of the lowest (if not the lowest) staff turnover rates in the industry. Ten of our staff recently reached ten years Long Service. Staff retention is tied to our mission, our focus on people, our premium and leadership objective, and our strategic emphasis on reputation.
Our Staff Retention Programs are in place to build staff capabilities and include:

  •  Training (leadership, software, role specific)
  •  Personal Development (etiquette, self-deportment/esteem, build reputations)
  •  Work Culture (giving staff the opportunity to lead)
  •  Staff Incentives (end of year bonus, voucher incentives, travel rewards)