Sprint Incentive

'Hyundai Southern Region'

Hyundai engaged Destination to create an imaginative reward enticement to support their Sprint Incentive program targeted to drive sales and to build and maintain strong momentum among sales managers.

We teamed with Luxury Van to deliver a novel rewards concept which saw winners awarded an apparel voucher which could be redeemed onsite at their dealership. Luxury Van visited winning sales representatives where they were custom fitted for tailored corporate apparel and shoes in the convenience of their work place.

This unique gift rewarded hard work, empowered winners as they were able to customise their prize by making their own choices, and left the team feeling special as they were given the ultimate customer service experience.


The Details

Thoughtful and personal rewards program
Premium and convenient door to door service
A bespoke experience that rewards and motivates
Professionally attired team to represent the Hyundai brand


We were looking for a new incentive with a personal touch to inspire and reward our sales force. Destination really thought outside the square with this innovative program. The feedback from our winners has been extremely positive, describing what an enjoyable experience they had which also left them feeling great, confident and looking sharp.

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